Health pediatrics search pediatrics by age medical info parenting share free pediatrics newsletter! viagra for sale online in canada viagra price pharmacy viagra kick in time where is a safe place to buy viagra online Sign up discuss in my forum kawasaki disease by vincent iannelli, m. D. , about. Com guide updated september 28, 2011 about. Com health's disease and condition content is reviewed by the medical review board see more about: mysterious symptoms fever fever symptoms skin rashes kawasaki disease definition: kawasaki disease is a complex childhood illness that mainly affects young children under age five. The exact cause of kawasaki disease is unknown, but the classic symptoms are well described and include a fever that lasts at least five days, but which can linger for three or four weeks without treatment. In addition to fever, children with classic kawasaki disease usually have at least four of the following symptoms: redness of the child's palms and soles and swelling of his hands and feet, which can lead to peeling of the child's fingers and toes about two or three weeks into the illness a rash redness of the whites of the child's eyes, without any discharge red, cracked lips, a strawberry tongue, and a red, irritated throat swollen lymph glands, usually on one side of the child's neck other classic signs and symptoms can include, but are not limited to: extreme irritability hydrops (swelling) of gallbladder anterior uveitis (inflammation in the eye that can be diagnosed by an ophthalmologist) a desquamating (peeling) rash in groin labs which show an elevated white blood count (leukocytosis), erythrocyte sedimentation rate (esr), and c-reactive protein (crp), and liver function tests sterile pyuria (white blood cells in the child's urine without evidence of an infection) children may also be diagnosed with atypical or incomplete kawasaki disease. These children have persistent fever, but three or fewer of the other classic symptoms of kawasaki disease. They are still diagnosed and treated for kawasaki disease because these children have a high likelihood of developing coronary artery aneurysms -- the.


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