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Are you sick of posting URLs in emails only to have it break when sent causing the recipient to have to cut and paste it back together? Then you've come to the right place. By entering in a URL in the text field below, we will create a tiny URL that will not break in email postings and never expires.

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ShortCLICK Toolbar.

Click and drag the following link to your links toolbar.



Once this is on your toolbar, you'll be able to make a ShortCLICK at the click of a button. By clicking on the toolbar button, a ShortCLICK will be created for the page you are currently at.


This is compatible with most web browsers and platforms as long as your bookmarks or favorites allow javascript. The links toolbar may not be visible in all setups and in most browsers, you can enable it in the View->Toolbars menu of your web browser. You can also put it in your bookmarks instead of the links toolbar.

Adding ShortCLICK to Favorites.

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Redirection to any page in your site!

With ShortCLICK, you can also make a smaller URL that will work for any page on your site. Let's say that you have a website with the homepage that is at:


viagra and viagra taken togetherEntering that URL into ShortCLICK will create a URL like


With this you can then redirect someone to anywhere within your site by appending a slash and the pages filename to it. So if you have a page at http://www.my-internet-service-provider.com/~myusername/my-web-page.html, you can use the URL http://ShortCLICK.com/3/my-web-page.html and going to this URL will forward the visitor to the page in your website.


Hide your affiliate URLs

Are you posting something that you don't want people to know what the URL is because it might give away that it's an affiliate link. Then you can enter a URL into ShortCLICK, and your affiliate link will be hidden from the visitor, only the ShortCLICK.com address and the ending address will be visible to your visitors.


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Please link to us! Just make a link to http://ShortCLICK.com or use the following code to make a URL input box:


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ShortCLICK was created as a free service to make posting long URLs easier.

The purpose of this tool is to allow you to shorten long urls, url redirect, and url forwarding. If used for illegal purposes, your url will be suspended and you'll be permanently banned. No spamming of any urls from shortclick.com will be tolerated. This service is provided without warranty of any kind.


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